Local Market Tour

Wednesday 10th November 2010

     I woke up early in the morning and I felt that it was pretty cold.
Yes! that was right, the temperature was 16 C. I promised to myself that I must go Warorot Market to buy a clay mortar for making papaya salad, a bamboo basket for cooking sticky rice, three iron woks, four sheet clothes for making coconut milk and four glass jars for flour.

 Warorot markeet is the biggest market in Chiang Mai. it’s the place that you can get everything you wish and the price is really cheap though. I usually go to this market to buy my cooking utensils, there are more than 10 stores that sell the same stuff.  I spent 1 hour to compare the prices and the qualites of them. I got the mortar from one shop. The price is surprisingly cheap, 70 Baht/set (with 1 wooden pestle) WOW!

I could not stop walking around to see different kinds of cooking utensils and different kinds of product that available in this market. This market always busy and the indoor market is always full of Thai tourists who want to buy souvenirs and northern Thai food back home. But I loved the dessert the most!

   The biggest fesstival is coming soon in Chiang Mai “Loy Kratong Festival” Now you can see northern style candles, hand made lantern or even fireworks  available everywhere in this market. Northern people love to decoratate their house with the colorfull lanterns during this festival (19th-21st of November) I love this time of the year very mush, the most romantic time in Chiang Mai and the must to visit for tourist!

I walked a little bit farther to the Ping river to visit the flower market. It was so beautiful here, I hoped I could brought all of this flowers back home ^_^  I love flowers especially orchids.

Before I left the market, I just walked around the corner to get some fruits back home. It was very hard for me to pick one from more than twenty kinds of fruit because everything looks so fresh,sweet and juicy. Finally, I picked a kilo of mango and two sugar apples.

Just right before I left, I found some fried insects such as grasshoppers and crickets. They also have some silk worms, bomboo worms and beehive. I used to try only grasshopper and criket which are really good. Once you come visit Chiang Mai Please try the rest of them then let me know if you like it or not.
See you next time and Happy Loy Kratong!!!

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